AHMRA Sandia Classic, Sep 2007

Here are my pics of the recent AHMRA Sandia Classic. (See album of same name.)  As you can see, I was more interested in the old bikes (the twins in particular), and wandering the pits, than in watching the races.  Its not the best set up out there for viewing the races.  Great road course and there’s no place you can sit or stand and see the curves.
There was some side car racing which would have been fun to watch if I had got there in time.  I did take some pics of them in the pits.
Check out the old Vincent HRD, and another Vincent set up to race.  And there was an immaculate 70 TX650 Tracker you won’t want to miss.  The Indian Brave was accompanied by a scrapbook of old magizine ads from UK – "Best Bargain of 1955 – 99 pounds"
Great weather, great people, great bikes.
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New Used 1975 XS650

I bought this bike today from a neighbor (see slide show).  Runs strong but needs new tires and everything adjusted/tuned. It came with a parts bike – identical and complete – for $600.
Supposedly I bought for a friend of mine who is out of the country right now ( I was just after the parts bike), but its so purty I just might keep it for myself. 
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AHMRA in ABQ – Sandia Classic

This weekend the American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association held a meet in Albuquerque and me and the lady rode out to the road course in the high desert.  We entered the Yamaha in the vintage show – not because we thought we had a chance to win but because it was great parking for $5.
There were some real jewels in the show, however, and the album of the same name will show you a few.  You can see I was partial to the twins.  (I was trying out my new digital camera and you can tell I have a lot to learn.  In the bright sunlight its hard to see what’s on the screen, so the images aren’t always well framed. The night before, we went to watch the flat track races and chew on dust and grit.  Very few of those fotos were worth keeping.)
What we enjoyed the most, after the show, was walking the pits, ogling all the bikes, talking to the collectors in the swap meet, and the beer.   Oh yeah, and the races were ok too.
And I ran into the mechanic who rebuilt my bike – I lost track of Peter over a year ago and owed him a beer (or better yet, a whole case).  My respect for the great job he did grew even more after the Jackson Hole trip.  And he introduced me to Mike and Neal.  Their bikes (see pics) both won awards in the show!  Mike says I need a sticker to put on my bike: "Peterbilt."
There’s a foto of a red XS650 SG (same model as mine) on a trailor that really gives you the flavor of a bike that’s a survivor.  And of course the 650 Yamahas were racing – you could pick out their distinct sound in a crowd of old heavyweights.
A great day for old motorcycles.
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Ramblin Northern New Mexico

After the trip to Idaho and Wyoming I could not wait to get back on the road.  This time I took the best girl with me and we rambled a slow circle north of Albuquerque.  The longest day was barely 150 miles.
We reserved a room at Billy’s in Jemez Springs and at a B&B in Llano and headed out the Saturday before the 4th of July.  There were lots of people in the little town of Jemez Springs and Vigilante was due to play at Los Ojos Bar.  We checked in early and after a rest rode all the way up the mountain to Fenton Lake. 
Back at the hot springs in town, we were the only ones there! Nice pool with the arroyo right next door. That night we partied hardy at Los Ojos and made lots of friends.
In the morning we buzzed up thru the Caldera and past Jemez Falls.  Had Lunch in Los Alamos and then cruised down to Pojoaque  thru Trampas and Truchas  and took a dip in Santa Cruz Lake.  It was hot in the lower altitudes but cool up in Llano, where we watched the sun set.
I highly recommend Mike’s Anasazi Ranch.  He’s also a great cook. 
On the 4th we rode the mountain rodes to Tres Ritos and then back up towards Taos (see the pics) and then followed the Rio Grande back to Sta Fe, cut over to Madrid for lunch and wash tub bass music.
And home to ABQ before dark.
Of course the old Yam ran like a dream.  Girlfriend was a bit surprised at how much work it can be on the back of a motorcycle in July, but we loved the special places and moments. 
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Maybe you have seen a foto like these?  Overlooks of one of the largest canyons in the world: Cañon de Urique, Uriki, Copper Canyon, Barranca de Cobre.  All pulled from different sources.
That’s my house down at the bottom.
Check out many more fotos at the websites listed below right.  Leave a comment if you would like to visit.
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Son’s Day

Today marks the end of my 12 years as father to teenagers . . .
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The aircraft pictured in the “Merrill’s Warbirds” gallery were all flown by my father.  He was piloting the B-17 and the B-24 in combat before he was 20 years old. (The Simplex motorcycle he piloted a few years later.)Here’s to the greatest Dad – one of the greatest generation.

Thanks Dad!


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